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Как заработать легкие деньги быстро


The algorithm of earnings is as follows: 1.

Buy all the bottles. Sell merchant unnecessary things except bottles until he runs out of money.

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Exit the trade regime. Not leaving dialogue immediately enter back into the trade regime.

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As you will see, the merchant again got bottles. Repeat points until you get bored or until the end of как заработать легкие деньги быстро things you want to sell.

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Go to other dealers buying up the bottle I advise Pawnbroker in Novigrad, as he bottles can be exchanged for a large number of floreno; will only have to exchange florene on the crown in the Bank Vivaldi, in which there are no restrictions on currency exchange.

Sell all the bottles.

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Bathe in gold. Not all the goods from the merchant the best prices, but things from the "trash" can safely sell, except those that want to take on all sorts of utility and one important exception - seashells will explain in the section "Seashells".

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Alchemist Another dealer with good prices. The magician will first deny it, but then confesses and agrees to trade with Geralt in exchange for keeping secrets about the way their own lessons.

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If the merchant bottles of no special ability to explain his generous offer, this guy seems just ready to do anything our protagonist did not give him to the Witch Hunters. The old algorithm on the use of any product as a bargaining chip here is not going to work. In that case what to give this merchant как заработать легкие деньги быстро And that's why he was going to sell at the lowest prices some specimens of the precious dust: Amethyst dust - 65 coins Emerald dust - coins Diamond dust - coins When accounting for this course can be bother and buy the precious dust of reselling it to the Smiths in Novigrad, but the profit will be small.

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Here, for example, the prices of all precious dust the Bronnikov in the centre of Novigrad: although comrade "the Alchemist" replenishes their stocks as fast. To assess the disadvantages of this venture you can choose on the basis of the prices at which buys dust Bronnikov in the centre of Novigrad: Amber dust - 82 coins.

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